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Batch Verification Policy and Procedure


  • (ISC)² offers the option to conduct primary source batch verifications of candidate exam results for approved external partners. The purpose of bulk verification is to determine the exam result status of a group of individuals based on a predetermined set of criteria. (ISC)² is committed to being consistent, fair and impartial, and most importantly make decisions based on (ISC)² policies and guidelines, when handling these requests.
  • Validation of Partner Organizations: External batch verification eligibility requires the third-party to be an official (ISC)² partner. Information on Academic Partnership Program or Official Training Partner Program is found here: Partners must receive explicit, written approval from (ISC)² prior to any batch results verification.
  • Partner organizations will assign a point of contact (POC) responsible for submitting verification requests to (ISC)².
  • This policy does not supplant any policy regarding availability and process for individual member verification.


  1. Partner organization must be validated by (ISC)² staff. (ISC)² and Partner POCs will be identified.
  2. Verification requests must be directed to the (ISC)² Exam Administration team at with cc to Michael Thomas at
  3. Partner POC will be responsible for submitting verification requests, collecting and submitting all verification requirements to (ISC)².
  4. A signed consent and release form is required for each result verification. All third-party constituents are required to read, sign and date the (ISC)² Member Release Form. Exam result verification will not be provided to individuals who fail to sign the candidate consent and release form:
  5. Verification requests may be submitted as frequently as bi-weekly to (ISC)². Adjustments to frequency and timing can be adjusted based on needs and level of urgency.
  6. Verification will be provided in writing only. No verification will be provided over the phone.
  7. Partner organization needs to provide a list of third-party constituents with the following information:
    • First and Last Name
    • Certification Exam Taken
    • (ISC)² Unique Identifier
  8. (ISC)² Member Services will process the verification request(s) and return the list to the partner organization POC within five business days. The list will include the following information for each of the third-party constituents:
    • First and Last Name
    • Email address
    • Date of Exam
    • Certification Exam Taken
    • Official Pass/Fail/No information Exam Result
  9. Adjustments to the processing time can be made depending on the urgency of the requirement or volume of verifications requested.
  10. The partner organization POC is responsible for providing updates on the verification status/process and forwarding exam results to appropriate channels, once received from (ISC)².
  11. (ISC)² reserves the right to revoke any candidate result or modify member status at any point based on the (ISC)² Examination Agreement, (ISC)² Exam Non-Disclosure Agreement and (ISC)² policies and procedures.