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Manage Your (ISC)² Membership

Find helpful links to tools, services and resources to ensure you make the most of your certification and (ISC)² membership. Access resources like your digital badge and member policies, plus secure your account, update your profile and stay engaged by managing your communication preferences.

Member Dashboard


Your (ISC)² Member Dashboard has everything you need to keep up-to-date with your membership. From the dashboard, you can review the status of your certifications, submit CPE credits, pay your AMF, receive important news and much more. Also, update your communication preferences – to ensure you receive the information you want – and enable Multi-Factor Authentication to secure your account.


Member Policies


Do you have questions about your (ISC)² membership? Review all member policies – including those on CPE credits, AMFs, Emeritus Status and more – in one place.


Digital Certification Badge

 digital badge from Acclaim

Show off your achievement with your digital badge. Members and associates can attach their badge to a website, email signature or social network. With one simple click employers and other interested parties can easily view and verify your credential, and the skills and experience required to earn it.


Digital Certificate

digital certificate

Access your digital certificate showing your certification type, award date and expiration date. Download this official certificate to print or share with anyone to verify your achievement. Printed certificates are sent in the mail at the start of your membership and additional certificates can be purchased upon recertification (every three years). Certificates are not available for associates.


Annual Maintenance Fees


Annual Maintenance Fees (AMF) support the costs of maintaining (ISC)² certifications and related support systems. Certified members pay a single AMF of $125, regardless of the number of certifications held. Associates of (ISC)² pay an AMF of $50 until the necessary work experience has been achieved and endorsement has been completed.


CPE Credits


You are required to earn Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits in order to remain a member in good standing. The CPE requirement is intended to ensure you maintain your competencies following initial certification.


Verify Membership

Verify Membership

Verify the membership status of any (ISC)² member or associate using their last name and ID #. Employers and the public can use this tool to confirm status.



Annual Report

Annual Report

We are committed to providing a clear and accurate picture of our association’s activities and actions over the past year. The report provides transparency and accountability to our members and the general public. Download the report to read an overview of the work (ISC)² does around the world.