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July 2023

Defending At Machine-Speed With AI-Based Security

Daksha Bhasker, CISSP | 7th July 2023

With the specter of artificial intelligence impacting jobs looming everywhere, consider the opinion that in security and in life, it’s not about what technology can do but it’s about what humans can do when they are empowered by technology.

Educational Institutions: How to Mitigate Cybersecurity Threats

Kalpa Kalhara Sampath, CC | 5th July 2023

As an educational institution, ensuring the safety and security of our students, faculty and staff is our utmost priority. In today's ever-changing world, it is crucial that we take proactive measures to mitigate potential threats.

June 2023

The Cyber Sector’s DEI Efforts Still Routinely Overlook One Important and Valuable Group: The Disabled

Sal Portaro, CSSLP | 30th June 2023

Shifting mindsets and amending programs and strategies to ensure DEI initiatives remain broad and inclusive is not a difficult undertaking. But it needs thought and understanding.

Quantum-Leaping Quantum Computers? Not So Fast!

Daksha Bhasker, CISSP | 30th June 2023

Despite substantial industry concerns about the growth and progress of Quantum Computing, a Quantum Computer capable of breaking cryptosystems might be three to five decades away, claimed one panel at a recent conference.

From Silo to Synergy Between Cybersecurity and Privacy in Europe

John E. Dunn | 2nd June 2023

IAPP and (ISC)² recently collaborated on a pair of webinars, bringing a panel together to shine a light on the intersection of cybersecurity and privacy. After looking at the landscape in the U.S., we now turn our attention to Europe.

May 2023

From Silo to Synergy Between Cybersecurity and Privacy in The U.S.

John E. Dunn | 31st May 2023

IAPP and (ISC)² recently collaborated on a pair of webinars, bringing a panel together to shine a light on the intersection of cybersecurity and privacy. In this first part, the discussion focused on matters and how they impact the U.S.

Target Cybersecurity Chief Says Zero-Ing in On Threat Is Central to Cyber Risk Excellence

Joe Fay | 17th May 2023

At the recent (ISC)² Governance Risk and Compliance event, the cybersecurity head of U.S. retailer Target put threats, risk management and third-party relationships under the spotlight.

Beyond Username and Password: Protecting Your Digital Identity

Elango Balusamy, CC | 4th May 2023

In today's digital age, we use a multitude of digital products and services, one thing common across them is how we identify ourselves in the digital world.

Password Myths vs. Reality

Er. Tapan Jatakia, CC | 3rd May 2023

The widespread use of passwords has also led to numerous misconceptions and myths that can put our security at risk.

April 2023

Swiss Cheese Security Incidents

Dave Cartwright, CISSP | 19th April 2023

For all the cybersecurity planning and mitigation that takes place, we keep experiencing cybersecurity incidents that are formed of a collection of coincidental mistakes that collide to cause an incident that remains unique.

March 2023

Voices Of Women in Cyber - (ISC)² Candidate Nidhi

Nidhi Kannoujia, (ISC)² Candidate | 8th March 2023

Moving from product management to cybersecurity and studying for her CISSP, Nidhi Kannoujia shares some of her experiences and advice for other women considering a career change into a cybersecurity role.

February 2023

The LastPass Breach: Are Online Password Managers Still Safe?

John E. Dunn | 7th February 2023

Should businesses trust online password managers? The problem is that customers can’t easily judge the security of these platforms from the outside.

Should You Have a “No Blame” Culture?

Dave Cartwright, CISSP | 6th February 2023

Who should be to blame when something goes wrong? What about if we forget about blame altogether – it is a healthier and more practical approach to abandon blame assignment and just work the problem?