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July 2023

Latest Cyberthreats and Advisories - July 7, 2023

John Weiler | 7th July 2023

Deepfake kidnappings, summer cybersecurity doldrums and LockBit strikes again with a historically high ransom demand.

Skills Center Stage as Biden White House Releases Its 2025 Budget Priorities

Joe Fay | 5th July 2023

The Biden administration has laid out its priorities for government agencies looking to fund projects in the 2025 fiscal year. This includes more money for skills and people.

Cybersecurity Industry News Review – July 4, 2023

Chris Green | 4th July 2023

European politicians agree on a way forward for new cyber rules, the U.S. Patent Office finds a leak and what on Earth is going on at Twitter this time? Apparently, it’s the fault of AI!

June 2023

How Bad is the MOVEit File Transfer Data Breach? A Question That Could Take Years to Answer

John E. Dunn | 30th June 2023

The attack by the Clop ransomware group targeting a MOVEit file transfer vulnerability has the potential to turn into one of the biggest extortion attacks ever recorded.

Latest Cyberthreats and Advisories - June 30, 2023

John Weiler | 30th June 2023

Super Mario malware, the MOVEit Transfer fallout continues and the EncroChat bust leads to 6,558 arrests.

Report Finds Up to One In 10 Data Breaches Caused By Developers And Sysadmins

John E. Dunn | 29th June 2023

Errors by developers and sysadmins emerged as an important data breach cause in Verizon’s 2023 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR).

Cybersecurity Industry News Review - June 27, 2023

Chris Green | 27th June 2023

Another turbulent cybersecurity week as energy disruption hits Canadian forecourts, cybersecurity job interest grows in the UK and a backlash over monitoring disinformation.

SEC Cybersecurity Proposals Look Set To Slide Into Autumn

Joe Fay | 27th June 2023

The substantial debate and questions raised have resulted in the ‘Final Action’ being pushed back until October.

Infosecurity Europe: Are Universities Turning Out Cyber Graduates With The Right Skills?

John E. Dunn | 25th June 2023

Are today’s graduates being trained to cope with future challenges? A panel of practitioners debated whether current graduates are coming away with what they need to progress.

Infosecurity Europe: Are Certifications A Barrier To Widening The Cybersecurity Talent Pool?

John E. Dunn | 24th June 2023

Is the importance of certifications at risk of turning them into check box hiring aids for organizations in a hurry? A CISO panel at this week’s Infosecurity Europe conference weighed up the arguments.

Infosecurity Europe: Doubt The Professionalization Of Cyber Gangs? Just Look At Their Hr Departments

Tamlin Magee | 24th June 2023

Security researcher Keren Elazari explained the staggering level of investment and planning at the world’s first cyber threat conglomerate.

Infosecurity Europe: Why E-Waste Is A Cybersecurity Issue

Tamlin Magee | 23rd June 2023

The CEO of BNP Paribas 3 Step IT said that organizations must plug themselves into the circular economy not only to boost their ESG, but to be more secure too.

Latest Cyberthreats and Advisories - June 23, 2023

John Weiler | 23rd June 2023

100,000+ ChatGPT accounts stolen, a LockBit affiliate arrested and unsettling developments in the MOVEit Transfer breach.

Infosecurity Europe: Cyber Experts Warn Community to Tread Carefully With Generative AI In Code

Tamlin Magee | 23rd June 2023

Industry experts raise alarm about using ChatGPT et al on corporate networks.

Infosecurity Europe: (ISC)² Wins At The SC Awards Europe

Chris Green | 22nd June 2023

The impact that CC has had on attracting new people to a career in cybersecurity and the work of (ISC)² in removing barriers to entry was recognized by the judges.

Infosecurity Europe: Bank of England: The Finance Sector Needs To Build Better Cyber Stress-Test Frameworks

Tamlin Magee | 22nd June 2023

In the wake of the Capita attack, Duncan Mackinnon urged financial institutions to build robust scenario testing to improve their operational resilience.

Infosecurity Europe: Drop the Jargon, CISOs Tell Cyber Community

Tamlin Magee | 20th June 2023

Cybercrime is just another crime, said a panel at InfoSec 2023 including the CISOs of EasyJet and Penguin Random House, and we need to start treating it like one.

Cybersecurity Industry News Review - June 20, 2023

Chris Green | 20th June 2023

5G network exposure to China still posing risks, Microsoft raking in cybersecurity cash and India denies that COVID vaccine data has been breached.

Analysis: Capita Hack Raises Global Issues and Learning Opportunities to Prevent a Repeat

Joe Fay | 16th June 2023

Incident highlights the value of asking tough questions early on at the due diligence stage, not after an attack when the damage is already done.

Latest Cyberthreats and Advisories - June 16, 2023

Chris Green | 16th June 2023

A bumper Patch Tuesday, LockBit confirms its status as a global problem, Ofcom falls foul of MOVEit and surprises in the new update to FortiOS.

Infosecurity Europe 2023 Preview – (ISC)² At Infosec And More

Chris Green | 15th June 2023

In our second preview of Infosecurity Europe 2023, we look at what (ISC)² will be doing at the show to support members and the wider industry, alongside looking at the opening talks across the three days of the conference, held at ExCel in London from June 20-22.

Cybersecurity Industry News Review - June 13, 2023

Chris Green | 13th June 2023

AI regulation in the EU stumbles, Are CISOs equipped to be on company boards, cybersecurity rules for aircraft and a new cyber testing lab opens.

Dark Reading Unveils Inaugural CISO Advisory Board

Joe Fay | 12th June 2023

Industry panel underlines the value of certification as majority are CISSPs.

Professionalization Of Cybercrime Means Attribution Is Harder, But More Important Than Ever

Joe Fay | 10th June 2023

The professionalization of cybercrime and the resulting division of labor is making it harder to distinguish between attacks by purely profit-led cybercriminals and nation-state threats.

Latest Cyberthreats and Advisories - June 9, 2023

John Weiler | 9th June 2023

Verizon releases annual data breach report, more than 90,000 people impacted in U.S. university breach and the BBC, British Airways and Boots compromised in MOVEit Transfer incident.

Cybersecurity Industry News Review - June 6, 2023

Chris Green | 6th June 2023

$400 million fund for AI and robotics start-ups, OpenAI to fund cybersecurity efforts while research shows that cybercriminals are targeting the friends and families of high-value organization executives.

Latest Cyberthreats and Advisories - June 2, 2023

John Weiler | 2nd June 2023

Cybercriminals hire humans to break CAPTCHAs, the meteoric rise of LockBit and a potential ransomware attack on the U.S. city of Augusta, Georgia.

May 2023

Cybersecurity Industry News Review - May 30, 2023

Chris Green | 30th May 2023

It’s all one big simulation – for training at least, Netflix steps up password sharing clampdown, new training to improve supply chain security and Ireland invests in its cybersecurity development capability.

Analysis: Ransomware In 2023 – Same Old Vulnerabilities, Bigger Ransoms, And Plenty of Pain

John E. Dunn | 26th May 2023

The 2023 Sophos State of Ransomware report found that while the number of ransomware attacks stabilized, larger victims are paying more than ever. Are they simply getting used to paying up?

Latest Cyberthreats and Advisories - May 26, 2023

John Weiler | 26th May 2023

Job ad scam snares victims in Southeast Asia, a fake Pentagon explosion highlights the dangers of AI and cybercriminals pounce on voice cloning technology in the latest move to develop an advantage.

Infosecurity Europe 2023 Preview – Our Pick of the Keynote Sessions

John E. Dunn | 25th May 2023

In the first of two previews of Infosecurity Europe 2023, we look at our top picks for unmissable keynote sessions across the three days of the conference, held at ExCel in London from June 20-22.

Get Ready For (ISC)² Congress – Keynote Speakers Announced

Chris Green | 23rd May 2023

It’s time to make your plans to join us in Nashville, Tennessee, with five visionary keynotes announced alongside industry-leading education, new career resources, exhibitor showcases and much more.

Cybersecurity Industry News Review - May 23, 2023

Joe Fay | 23rd May 2023

US DoJ offers $10 million reward for ransomware bandit. Spyware firm rewards lobbyists. Bots drive digital fraud. China bans memory chipmaker Micron over “network security” and Taiwan hit with cyber nasty barrage.

Latest Cyberthreats and Advisories - May 19, 2023

John Weiler | 19th May 2023

WordPress’s Elementor is vulnerable (again), the U.S. Department of Transportation is breached, 5.8 million medical records are posted online after PharMerica incident.

Cybersecurity Industry News Review - May 16, 2023

Joe Fay | 16th May 2023

A week of surprises as a decade long data exposure is revealed in the car industry and Western allies move to shut down Russian malware.

Latest Cyberthreats and Advisories - May 12, 2023

John Weiler | 12th May 2023

A Russian espionage tool infiltrates 50 countries, updates on the Western Digital breach and over a million patients impacted in NextGen Healthcare breach.

(ISC)² Member Poll Suggests Concern Over Rapid Progress Of AI

John E. Dunn | 10th May 2023

AI should be regulated as soon as possible, says most (ISC)² members surveyed. But stopping it – even for a short period – is probably now impossible.

Cybersecurity Industry News Review - May 9, 2023

Joe Fay | 9th May 2023

Former Uber CSO avoids jail time over breach coverup. Cyber insurers lose over act of war exclusion. CISA warns over suspect communications suppliers as Cisco tells customers to ditch vulnerable kit.

March-April (ISC)² News and Insights CPE Quiz Is Now Live

Chris Green | 5th May 2023

(ISC)² Members can earn CPE credits by answering questions based on the articles we have published over the last two months.

Latest Cyberthreats and Advisories - May 5th, 2023

John Weiler | 5th May 2023

T-Mobile is breached again, cyberattacks increase 7% globally and ransomware attacks are hit by inflation.

Practitioners Point to Zero Trust as Key to User Access Security

Chris Green | 4th May 2023

Nearly 4,000 cybersecurity professionals weighed in and 55% feel Zero Trust is the most impactful to keep organizations secure.

Analysis: Cloud Native Open-Source World to Chew on SLSA 1.0, Kubernetes Flaws, And Tool Sprawl

Joe Fay | 3rd May 2023

Security high on the agenda for the cloud and software supply chain world.

Cybersecurity Industry News Review - May 2, 2023

Joe Fay | 2nd May 2023

U.S. cybersecurity officials point finger at “lying, cheating, stealing” China, while another cybersecurity leader speaks out about “boring” training. E.U. hits fast forward on new legislation. Trend Micro unveils Rapture ransomware while Microsoft unveils rusty Windows.

April 2023

RUSI And (ISC)² Report: Rapid Evolution of Cybersecurity Policy Raises Need for Cross-Border Standardization

Chris Green | 29th April 2023

With cybersecurity policies and regulations developing at speed globally, the call for greater standardization and collaboration is necessary to ensure cybersecurity resilience and shared learning.

RSA Conference Day Four: Threat to Public Key Encryption from Quantum Computers Overstated

John E. Dunn | 28th April 2023

Quantum computers won’t put PKE in peril imminently, but its potential has altered the course of crypto development, says a panel of experts including Whitfield Diffie, Adi Shamir, Radia Perlman, Anne Dames, and Clifford Cocks.

Latest Cyberthreats and Advisories - April 28, 2023

John Weiler | 28th April 2023

CISA ramps up security for the 2024 presidential election, climate change could amplify cyberthreats and breaches hit the American Bar Association and Yellow Pages Canada.

RSA Conference Day Three: U.S. Ambassador Tells RSA Conference “We’re in a Deterrence Hole” On Cyberwar

Joe Fay | 27th April 2023

Nathaniel Fick issues stark warning during discussion on cyber diplomacy.

RSA Conference Day Two: Democracy Needs Urgent Rethink to Cope with Technology Like AI, Argues Bruce Schneier

John E. Dunn | 26th April 2023

Technology has amplified disinformation, polarization and zero-sum politics, Bruce Schneier told RSA conference goers. Addressing this will require new thinking on the nature of democracy.

RSA Conference Day One: Disruption Key to Keeping Bad Actors at Bay

Joe Fay | 25th April 2023

Day One of the RSA Conference opened with keynotes diagnosing a security identity crisis, while offering AI, platforms, and big dose of disruption as the cure for what ails the cybersecurity world.

Cybersecurity Industry News Review - April 25, 2023

Joe Fay | 25th April 2023

Europe’s Air Traffic Control (ATC) agency under DDoS attack. Eavesdropping police in the U.K. spared massive fine. Numbers emerge after NCR ransomware attack. Hackers hit gold in secondhand routers.

UK’s Mobile Emergency Alert Test Started Early for Some, Never For Others

Joe Fay | 24th April 2023

The first public test of the U.K. Mobile Emergency Alert System took place on Sunday, encountering issues including complaints from various stakeholder groups, an early start and widespread reports of people not getting the alert at all.

CYBERUK Day 2: AI Developments Could Democratize Advanced Cyber-Capabilities, Says Security Minister

John E. Dunn | 21st April 2023

Nation state attacks, the rapid evolution of cybersecurity attacks and the technology behind them pose a sustained risk to the U.K. and its allies unless new defensive capabilities are brought to the fore.

Latest Cyberthreats and Advisories - April 21, 2023

John Weiler | 21st April 2023

Australia’s deepening cybercrime crisis, an alarming surge in ransomware attacks and a multi-agency warning to organizations about their network infrastructure.

CYBERUK Day 1: UK Government Calls Out Russian Groups Probing Critical National Infrastructure, (ISC)² Invites Industry Collaboration to Address Skills Gap

John E. Dunn | 20th April 2023

Russian cybercriminals with little sense of restraint are probing the U.K.’s critical infrastructure (CNI) for future large-scale cyberattacks, the government has warned.

Cybersecurity Industry News Review - April 11, 2023

Joe Fay | 11th April 2023

Apple plugs security holes for Easter as cops bring Genesis to an end. The UK fines TikTok over underage data use. DDoS attacks surge and cybersecurity professionals keep quiet over breaches.

Western Security Agencies Offer Software Devs Guidance on Security ‘By Design’

Joe Fay | 19th April 2023

CISA, NSA, NCSC, the rest of the Five Eyes nations, Germany and Holland look to spark an ‘international conversation’ in unprecedented collaboration to improve proactive security-centric development.

Cybersecurity Industry News Review - April 18, 2023

Joe Fay | 18th April 2023

OpenAI implements a new bug bounty program to tighten up security within ChatGPT, Google opens up over security metadata, Gartner advises – think of the humans – and are you using protection when you charge over USB? Someone is!

SEC Cybersecurity Proposals Survey Exposes Need for Board-Level Cyber Skills

Joe Fay | 14th April 2023

Respondents highlight the need for appointing and developing more board-level cybersecurity expertise, while some are concerned that disclosure regulations unintentionally risk helping criminals alongside improving investor transparency.

Latest Cyberthreats and Advisories - April 14, 2023

John Weiler | 14th April 2023

Companies target sextortion victims, Google Play malware is hawked on dark marketplaces and zero-click spyware infects iPhones.

Push Notification Is More Secure Than SMS 2FA, So Why the Reluctance to Enable It?

Joe Fay | 7th April 2023

Forget SMS 2FA authentication – Twitter and others are making it less attractive by either charging for it or phasing it out altogether. But there’s a better alternative if only tech companies were willing to invest.

Latest Cyberthreats and Advisories - April 7, 2023

John Weiler | 7th April 2023

The U.S. government takes down another dark web forum, Western Digital suffers a cyberattack and the fastest acting ransomware to date.

Cybersecurity Industry News Review - April 4, 2023

Joe Fay | 4th April 2023

UK government potentially skimps on senior cyber role salary as the NCSC calls for more investment in people, Microsoft talks up the potential for ChatGPT and the US moves to ban spyware.

March 2023

CISA Moving Further Towards Pre-Emptive Stance with Ransomware Attack Alert System

John E. Dunn | 31st March 2023

In the latest of several recent announcements, the U.S. body responsible for cybersecurity is making a clear shift towards pre-emptive over reactionary reporting, alerting and advice for organizations.

Latest Cyberthreats and Advisories - March 31, 2023

John Weiler | 31st March 2023

Microsoft patches the “aCropalypse” vulnerability, ChatGPT leaks users’ billing information and the Latitude Financial breach expands to 14 million records.

Analysis: Hackers Exploit Zero-Day to Siphon $1.5 Million From Bitcoin ATMs

John E. Dunn | 29th March 2023

Anxiety about the security of hot wallets grows as General Bytes customers are hit by a zero-day flaw in the company’s Bitcoin ATMs.

Cybersecurity Industry News Review - March 28, 2023

Joe Fay | 28th March 2023

The U.K. writes a cybersecurity prescription for the NHS, security specialist MITRE partners up to tackle supply chain security threats, while the E.U. turns its cyber attention to transport.

Analysis: Will ChatGPT’s Perfect English Change the Game For Phishing Attacks?

John E. Dunn | 24th March 2023

Nobody predicted how rapidly AI chatbots would change perceptions of what is possible. Some worry how it might improve phishing attacks. More likely, experts think, will be its effect on targeting.

Latest Cyberthreats and Advisories - March 24, 2023

John Weiler | 24th March 2023

FBI arrests Breached hacking forum leader, smartphones hijacked without any user involvement and 330,000 customers compromised in Australia by a data breach.

Ferrari Warns Customers Their Personal Data Might Have Been Hijacked

Joe Fay | 23rd March 2023

Italian luxury sports car maker Ferrari has warned its small but extremely wealthy list of customers that their personal information may have been exposed in a “cyber incident.”

Cybersecurity Industry News Review – March 21, 2023

Joe Fay | 21st March 2023

KillNet is bad for your health, TikTok facing further bans, ransomware impacts cancer test results, Russia allegedly increasing its cyberwarfare efforts.

Cybersecurity Industry News Review – March 14, 2023

WHO | 17th March 2023

The U.K. Online Safety Bill triggers a security rebuke from WhatsApp, the Czech Republic concerned about TikTok, an international law enforcement effort shuts down the NetWire RAT infrastructure, while a study suggests workforce malaise towards reporting security incidents.

Latest Cyberthreats and Advisories - March 10, 2023

John Weiler | 10th March 2023

Mexico timeshare scams, the DoppelPaymer ransomware gang gets busted and a major data leak rocks Oakland, California.

International Women’s Day: Must-Watch Webinars by Women in Cybersecurity

Joe Fay | 8th March 2023

Whether you want to go deeper into one of your core domains, or dive into an area you’ve not really explored to date, here’s a selection of sessions from our knowledge vault webinars where female experts and industry leaders have shared their insights and experiences that will get you learning AND thinking.

Cybersecurity Industry News Review: March 7, 2023

Joe Fay | 7th March 2023

Cybercrime may have less of a gender issue than cybersecurity, LastPass gives attack update, CISA warns on Royal ransomware gang while WHSmith and DISH Network count the cost after both suffer cyber attacks.

SVB Collapse: A Stark Warning for Technology and Cybersecurity Startups

Dave Cartwright, CISSP | 17th March 2023

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank is far deeper than a glitch in the financial matrix. Silicon Valley’s favorite banker is a key component for thousands of startups worldwide, including numerous cybersecurity innovators now facing uncertain futures and a possible cashflow crisis!

Latest Cyberthreats and Advisories - March 17, 2023

John Weiler | 17th March 2023

Cybercriminals pounce on SVB collapse, privacy concerns around ChatGPT and the FBI warns of a rise in crypto scams.

Cybersecurity Industry News Review – March 14, 2023

Joe Fay | 14th March 2023

The U.K. Online Safety Bill triggers a security rebuke from WhatsApp, the Czech Republic concerned about TikTok, an international law enforcement effort shuts down the NetWire RAT infrastructure, while a study suggests workforce malaise towards reporting security incidents.

Latest Cyberthreats and Advisories - March 10, 2023

John Weiler | 10th March 2023

Mexico timeshare scams, the DoppelPaymer ransomware gang gets busted and a major data leak rocks Oakland, California.

What We Learned From The Royal Mail Ransomware Chat

Dave Cartwright, CISSP | 10th March 2023

We look at the conversation between the U.K.’s postal carrier and the ransomware group that demanded millions from it as cybersecurity professionals worked to recover key systems.

Earn CPE Credits for Reading (ISC)² News and Insights With Our Quiz

Chris Green | 6th March 2023

The first (ISC)² News and Insights CPE Credit Quiz of 2023 is now live. Every two months, we publish a 10-question quiz with questions based on some of our editorial content from that period. Successfully passing the quiz earns you two CPE credits.

Latest Cyberthreats and Advisories March 3, 2023

John Weiler | 3rd March 2023

Major U.S. government and corporate breaches, the White House enforces TikTok ban and the NCSC issues zero trust guidance.

White House Cybersecurity Strategy Will Make Big Tech Step Up in Ongoing Cyber Struggle

Joe Fay | 3rd March 2023

China is ‘most active, and most persistent threat’ as government pinpoints need for a bigger and more diverse cybersecurity workforce to meet the long-term challenge.

U.S. DOD Puts CPD at Heart of Its New Cyber Workforce Strategy

Joe Fay | 2nd March 2023

Workers told to make more use of cyber ranges, conferences and webinars as skills gap just gets bigger.

(ISC)² Members Reveal Deep Skepticism About Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

John E. Dunn | 1st March 2023

Many people are skeptical about the rapid encroachment of artificial intelligence and machine learning into daily life. However, should cybersecurity professionals be more positive about the benefits for the field?

February 2023

Crypto Scammers Game YouTube for Amplification While Keeping Under Radar, Researchers Find

Joe Fay | 28th February 2023

Not even a pyramid scheme – they just convince people to give away their money.

Cybersecurity Industry News Review: February 28, 2023

Joe Fay | 28th February 2023

Australia to scrap cybersecurity rules as part of a new regime, ransoms bankroll further ransomware attacks, Dole and PyPi attacked, while the European Commission calls time on TikTok.

Latest Cyberthreats and Advisories - February 24, 2023

John Weiler | 24th February 2023

An FBI cyber incident, GoDaddy’s third breach in three years and an NHS data leak highlight a week of major cybersecurity events.

The Top 5 New Social Engineering Attacks In 2023

John E. Dunn | 24th February 2023

Forget vanilla phishing attacks – cybercriminals today have much more interesting tricks up their sleeves.

(ISC)² Security Congress 2023 Begins Call for Presentations

Chris Green | 23rd February 2023

Practitioners from across the cybersecurity industry and the (ISC)² member community are invited to submit their session proposals as the cyber world begins its journey to Nashville.

Succession Wealth Fails to Keep Cyber Attackers At Bay

Joe Fay | 22nd February 2023

Financial services giant Aviva’s recently acquired subsidiary Succession Wealth has been hit by a cyberattack, leaving it trying to assess the impact on a customer base which includes sports and entertainment professionals.

Cybersecurity Industry News Review: February 21, 2023

Joe Fay | 21st February 2023

Think tank warns as economic, political, and cybersecurity risks collide. Accenture heads to Brazil, quantum security firm Sandbox fills up on cash and Biden loses cyber director.

Analysis: White House Cybersecurity Policy Maker - Secure Open Source Software, Even If It Benefits ‘Adversaries’ We Should Do It Anyway

Joe Fay | 17th February 2023

Resiliency is the endgame of the U.S. approach to internet and software security.

Recession, What Recession? (ISC)² Study Shows Cybersecurity Expected to Weather Tech Sector Jobs Downturn

John E. Dunn | 16th February 2023

Cybersecurity will defy the tech recession hurting other job roles in 2023, (ISC)² c-suite survey suggests.

Cybersecurity Industry News Review: February 15, 2023

Joe Fay | 15th February 2023

NHS still recovering from ransomware incidents. Network firm employee confesses to data extortion, as U.S. cyber ambassador admits their Twitter account was hacked as the President turns to industry leaders to advise him.

Analysis: Cybersecurity Managers Fear ‘Catastrophic’ Cyber Event Now Likely Within Two Years

John E. Dunn | 14th February 2023

In a fully digital world, organizations are no longer isolated islands. It seems the profession is finally coming to terms with the dark possibilities.

Latest Cyberthreats and Advisories - February 10, 2023

John Weiler | 10th February 2023

Cyberattacks wreak havoc on the U.K., LockBit brings big business to its knees and a massive VMware ransomware campaign.

Analysis: Could NIST’s Cybersecurity Framework 2.0 be the beginning of international best practice?

John E. Dunn | 8th February 2023

It’s been nearly seven years since the 1.1 revision of NIST’s Cybersecurity Framework. What might be coming in version 2.0?

Analysis CircleCI attackers stole session cookie to bypass MFA

John E. Dunn | 8th February 2023

The industry is taking a fresh look at the security around multi-factor authentication (MFA) in the face of recent bypass attacks.

Cybersecurity Industry News Review: February 7, 2023

Joe Fay | 7th February 2023

Derivatives traders, trainer trainers, and finger lickers all hit by #ransomware. Russian hackers lash out after Ukraine tanks deal. Apple patches decade old devices.

Latest Cyberthreats and Advisories – February 3, 2023

John Weiler | 3rd February 2023

Cybercriminals for hire, Hive ransomware is busted and the JD Sports breach impacts millions of sportswear buyers.

January 2023

Royal Mail “cyber incident” is an ongoing cyberattack CEO admits to MPs

Joe Fay | 30th January 2023

The high-profile U.K. ransomware incident continues to cause disruption, as Royal Mail’s CEO confirmed to MPs that the crippling of its ability to send parcels and letters abroad was down to an ongoing cyberattack.

Latest Cyberthreats and Advisories - January 27, 2023

John Weiler | 27th January 2023

Alerts from national cybersecurity agencies, gaming developer attacks and the Mailchimp/FanDuel breach.

How Are You Marking Data Privacy Day?

Joe Fay | 27th January 2023

The international event began as Data Protection Day in Europe in 2007, under the auspices of the Council of Europe, and has since been taken up in the U.S. and other countries.

Latest Cyberthreats and Advisories - January 20, 2023

John Weiler | 20th January 2023

TikTok is fined for a privacy violation, major corporations suffer breaches and Vice Society attacks another school.

December 2022

Latest Cyberthreats and Advisories - December 9, 2022

John Weiler | 9th December 2022

Chinese actors attack North America, Cuba ransomware and vendors start their predictions for 2023.

13 Keys to Mentoring Cybersecurity Interns

(ISC)² Staff | 9th December 2022

Raymond Pompon is a CISSP who believes in the power of mentoring to transform not just a protégé’s career but the mentor’s as well.

What it Takes to be a Cybersecurity Pro: Non-Technical Skills

(ISC)² Staff | 5th December 2022

All cybersecurity roles require a core set of essential skills that demand more than technical knowledge. Research has highlighted the many non-technical skills professionals bring to the table.

October 2022

Latest Cyberthreats and Advisories - October 28, 2022

John Weiler | 28th October 2022

Tech giant vulnerabilities, menacing malware and child abductions via rideshare apps.

Proposed (ISC)² Bylaws Amendments – What They Mean

(ISC)² Staff | 25th October 2022

Additional insights into the bylaws amendment documentation to address member questions.

Latest Cyberthreats and Advisories

(ISC)² Staff | 21st October 2022

Ransomware derails big businesses as the Australian cyberattack spree and student loan forgiveness scams.

Fifty (ISC)² Chapters Celebrate a 10-Year Milestone

(ISC)² Staff | 10th October 2022

This month marks a major milestone for 50 (ISC)² chapters celebrating their 10th anniversary as an official chapter.

September 2022

(ISC)² Recruits More Than 55,000 Cybersecurity Candidates in First Month

(ISC)² Staff | 29th September 2022

2,700 have passed the (ISC)² Certified in Cybersecurity exam, with more than 53,000 more people registered to follow suit.

Your Cybersecurity Experience Is Needed For Creating New U.S. FTC Regulations

(ISC)² Staff | 22nd September 2022

The deadline is approaching, your voice can make a difference in protecting privacy.